We have an elderly aunt whose has moved in with another relative due to failing health. She has a life tenancy on her mobilehome and the property it sits on (several acres), with her son and DIL owning the property until her death. For over 20 years she has maintained the property, paid taxes, insurance, etc. AND helped her son and his family while struggling herself financially. After our aunt moved out of the mobilehome, her son and DIL went into the home and started "cleaning" it out before she could get there, moving items, and disposing of others. Then her son and DIL signed their interests over to THEIR son who now wants his grandmother (our aunt) to remove her mobilehome, at her expense of course, so he can build a new house on the property.

Questions: 1) when does lie tenancy end? and 2) is this scenario a form of elder abuse? We are very concerned our aunt is being pressured and manipulated. Thank you.

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wow, the vultures are flying aren't they? I know you'd hate to go to an attorney because it's a family thing, but maybe it's time to at least ASK the advice of one. Doesn't mean you'd have to get all legal and sue them, but knowledge is power in this case I think. Apparently her son has written his mother off as to ever coming back to her home because he's thinking she's going to die. So, someone needs to know the legality of this move, whether it's true about her dying or not.
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Oh, yes. This family has been full of vultures from Day One. Our aunt is very naive, and her son is her only child. Auntie isn't dying but simply cannot live alone any longer. What bothers us is their total lack of concern for HER. For example, Mother's Day came and went, and NONE of them bothered with her. We all took her to lunch with our mom and gave her gifts. The only time they include her is if there is something in it for them. Vultures is so accurate.

I agree, I do think it's time to contact an attorney, maybe one who specializes in elder law, to kill two birds with one stone. Hmm, good analogy!

Thank you for your response!
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