My mother and father used to play games every morning after breakfast, but now my mom can't even play "fish". She still loves making things, but I have trouble finding projects that don't frustrate her. She can work easy jigsaw puzzles, cut, and paste, but she can't make any shapes when painting or drawing.

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I have listed several indoor activities to cater to the conditions of long term care recipients at infolongtermcare, so they can have fun inside the comfort and safety of their own home or long term care facilities, you might find some activities interesting:
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Kitty, I have my mother in law do holiday crafts. For instance for Valentines we used self adhesive hearts from craft store. She colored wooden hearts, cupids etc then added the adhesive sticker hearts. When she was done I glued the hearts onto a piece of fabric boarder and hung on mantel. It kept her occupied for 2 1/2 hours.
For Easter last year I saved the Halves of eggshells, washed them(right after using) and let dry.Takes an accumulation of about a dozen (24 halves). In one step we died the halves. She had rubber gloves on. Let dry. Next day attached ribbon handles with glue. Let dry. Use white birch branches or branches from outside . Hang the egg Easter baskets on branch which is in a flower pot or vase. Fill eggs with Easter grass, jelly beans etc......We rolled in our hands the Easter grass before putting in baskets. I added tiny ribbons to the branches....... Everyone raved about it! Take a picture together with the Easter egg tree as it makes a wonderful memory.
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