In the next five months, the person for whom I have POA, will deplete any savings paid out to an assisted living facility with sitters 7 days/week. The income includes a social security check, a retirement check from state government, and a retirement check from a teacher's system totally $4,100/month. That amount will not decrease, ever. Who should we consult to get her in a nursing home? Does anyone have experience in having a relative or friend qualify for Medicaid? What will Medicare pay for if anything?

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actually she may not make too much for Medicaid. Her monthly income may be $4100 but it is her countable income that counts. So if she has a lot of medical expenses-and insurance premiums count as medical expenses, her countable income may fall below the federal income cap which around $2200.
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She/he makes too much for help from Medicaid. Medicare pays nothing towards LTC.

What Barb is talking about is a Trust where the access can go into the trust. At the time of the persons death, the trust reverts back to Medicaid. You will need a lawyer versed in Medicaid to have this done. Medicaid will allow the persons money to be used for this. Also, consider a prepaid funeral.
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Does she qualify medically for Nursing Home care? That is a medical decision which needs to be documented by a doctor.

Does she live in a state that accepts Miller Trusts, or Qualified Income Trusts? Check that out; your next stop is a certified ElderCare attorney who understands Medicaid in her state.

You need to start visiting nursing homes; make a list of acceptable ones and perhaps talk to the social workers there about how to start the process.
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