This is my first time on this site or any site for support. I care for my brother who is being treated for dementia. Recently, he started having these moments of unresponsiveness. He's awake and standing, but just blanks out like he's not there. He just seems to stare off and doesn't respond to my voice. After a minute or two, he blinks and is back, but he's exhausted and flushed red in the face. I took him to the ER. They did a CT scan and urine dip. No evidence of stroke or UTI. And sent us home with a referral to a neurologist. Could this be seizure or TIA?

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My Gson is epileptic and he calls them absent seizures. Is he confused. A neurologist can make more tests to see what is happening.
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That does sound a lot like an absence seizure, I'm sure the neurologist will want a more detailed scan like an MRI or PET scan.
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What medications is he on? Some medications can have the effect of making one feel "zoned out", or have delayed reflexes, and in that case the dosage may need to be adjusted. However, I would definitely follow up with the neurologist to have him further evaluated. The neurologist can tell you if it is likely a side effect of medications or another underlying condition.
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