Ooo boy where to start,
We are in Indiana. My Aunt is 88 yrs old. She has dementia that is causing her to get confused on paying her bills on her own.In the past she did a great job paying her bills on time up till now. She has control of her checkbook. I'm affraid to ask her to give me her checkbook so I can hold on to it. She loses her checkbook all the time or let's say misplaces it, then forgets where she placed it.
I went to her home to help her pay her Nepsco gas & water bill. After we wrote the checks out to pay those bills. She ran out of checks in her check book. She had no more checks. So, I told her I will call the bank to ask to order more checks. I mailed her bills out in the mail as we always do as pay by check. The next day I learned that my Aunt called her bank and reported her checks stolen. The bank automatically stopped all past checks. That means the bills we thought we paid now isn't getting paid because, the bank stopped/canceled the past checks. Ooo boy was this a big problem. I told my Aunt, she didn't get her checks stolen. She ran out of checks. I had to explain all of this to her bank to cancel the cancel lol.

I seemed to run into a problem as her DPOA. She banks at Chase Bank. Chase Bank told me on the phone that POAs are not allowed to have access to online banking. That's the problem I'm having here. The bank told me the only person that can setup online banking is my Aunt. I can't do it as her DPOA. My Aunt is 88 yrs old and has not a clue about computers let alone online banking. I need to set her bank account up for online banking. So, I can go online to manage here account as her DPOA. I want to be able to go online to check her balunce and transactions each day. The only way I can track her transactions now is to drive to her bank each day, taking trips to her bank asking for bank statements. This is a big pain for me to do all the time. If I had online banking access I can do this all at my home on my time. Not only that, My Aunt needs to stop writing checks to pay her bills on her own. She gets confused. I need to have online banking setup so I can have her bills be paid automatically out of her bank account as auto bill pay. Chase tells me I can't have access to online banking as her DPOA. It's strange I must say, When I first gave my DPOA copy to Chase bank. The Bank Manager told me I now have full access to her accounts. Full access he told me! Well, must not be full access if i can't access online banking. What can I do? My Aunt has a Chase Debit card. But,I don't know the 4 dot pin. The bank told me my Aunt has to come in to the bank to change the pin. She forgot the pin.I'm her DPOA but, I can change the pin? Whats this DPOA worthless? In order for me to change the pin on her card I have to draig my 88 yr old Aunt that can barley walk to the bank! .Everywhere I go I'm running into problems with this POA. Everyone now days uses online banking to check status & transactions. It's a great thing to use.I use it on my own accounts. I love it.
My Aunt's 88 yrs old. Isn't easy for her to get out and about. I shouldn't have to draig this 88 yr old lady into the bank to get this stuff done when I'm her DPOA. Isn't that what a DPOA is for finances as well as Healthcare! Does anyone bank at Chase Bank to help me with these problems? The bank manager tells me I have full access to her accounts. But, yet I can't do online banking? Or change her debit pin on her card because, she has dementia and can't remember numbers come-on! By right's sinse, I'm her DPOA I should be able to do all of this stuff with no problems. Sometimes I feel I should have this DPOA removed and just become JOINT on her bank account. Then I wouldn't have these issues at her bank!
I need advice please?

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I hope you have medical POA for her also,
Yes I do.
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So,you think I need to talk to someone else at the bank?I never could get the same answer from those people at that chase bank.I called to bank the other day explaining to them on the phone that my Aunt forgot her 4 dot pin to her debit card.I ask them on the phone since,I'm her DPOA.Can I come in to change the pin.They told me yes no problem.So,I go into the bank to the front tellers explaing this.The tellers tell me I can't.My Aunt has to do it!.I don't think any of those people at Chase are on the same page.
No,my Aunt never was checked for incompatent by a doctor.Last week he did tell her no more nite driving.She drives but,I wouldn't want to be in the car with her.
I tell ya,I never would of ever thought I would have this much problems with this DPOA.The more I think about all of this.The more I feel about having this DPOA removed.It's in my way every step i take with my Aunt.I'm her caregiver but,I can't get paid because,of this DPOA in my way.My Aunt can't give me a simple Christmas gift because,of this DPOA.I can't do online banking to manage her funds because,of this DPOA.I wouldn't tell anyone to be a POA.Isn't worth the pain & time and the cost out of your own pocket.The only reason I haven't removed this POA yet is because,the attorney is a jerk to talk to.Last I talked to him he told me I need Guardenship.Ya right! more money & my time.If I was JOINT on her account I wouldn't have these issues.DPOA isn't required.Joint is required!
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The bank is giving you a hard time. To do what you propose at the end would mean your aunt revoking your DPOA and agreeing to make you joint owner of her accounts. Is your aunt competent enough to do this?

Have you had a doctor evaluate her for how competent she is?

Have you told the bank about paying the bills and then your aunt calling that those checks were stolen?

You are right that full access should mean full access like going online. Then you could probably pay some bills without needing a check.

Your aunt gave you the DPOA for such a time as this and so, yes you ask her for the checkbook so that you can hold onto it. You may need to remind her in a nice way that she gave you the DPOA so that you could help her when her thinking is not clear.

I think that her doctor needs to know about these recent events. You might be able to get her doctor to be the bad guy in telling her that it is time to let you have full charge of the check book, etc. as her DPOA.

I hope you have medical POA for her also.
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