I only receive 990.00 a month, after Medicare is deducted now I will only have 890.00 of which I need to live. I will need to obtain Plan C, I have several illnesses that may require attention in and out of hospital etc. The money my husband receives (he's on disability) goes towards our bills after which we rarely have enough for food or to do anything together. Any suggestions of inexpensive Plan C's, any ideas on any help we can get? I need to do something ASAP. I've no idea where to go to get help. My husband and I would be better off divorced!!!

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Jeannegibbs said it. You need to call a case manager. And sadly, you are right. Some people would be better off financially divorced, which is horrible.
I hope you find a Medicaid case worker who can direct you to the resources you need.
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Do either of you have a case manger or a social worker? If so, that my be a good place to start.

Another starting point is to call your state's Disability Services or Senior Services help lines and explain the situation. I am wondering if you are eligible for any kind of waiver program where you coud continue on Medicaid with a monthly spend down -- kind of a deductible that brings you within the guidelines.

I know what you mean about the divorce thing! Every time I hear a politician blather about family values I want to scream!
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