What do you do when the doctor is suggesting an EEG and an MRI for a 91 year old woman with either dementia or Alzheimer's. She doesn't remember what is happening from one minute to the next?

I would ask the doctor if s/he was looking to rule out something treatabke, like normal pressure hydrocephalus.
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Generally the advice is that if you aren't going to do the treatment don't bother with the test. What are her symptoms, what is the doctor looking for?

(BTW, I was discussing getting an MRI with family members recently and we agreed that the process of being trapped, immobile, in a hot, noisy tube was claustrophobic even if you hadn't previously been so)
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Why do they want to run those tests on someone that old whom you already know has dementia of some kind, and possibly Alzheimer's? What kind of doctor is this, a neurologist? I think you need a second opinion for I would not do it.
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