Hi, my mother is dying of lung cancer. We were told she has weeks maybe months to live. She has been on hospice for 6 days. When I went to visit her yesterday, she dozed off mid-sentence over and over again while sitting up. Her eyes would close almost all the way and then a few seconds or a minute later she would snap out of it as she started to fall over. Is this part of the dying process or just a result of the morphine? Has anyone experienced this ? Is she close to death?

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I'm sorry you are going through this very hard time. My loved one was not on regular morphine and she dropped off to sleep mid sentence towards the end, too. It's nothing to worry about. The body is shutting down.
There is no way to say definitively when death will happen. I was told by the hospice nurse that she saw no signs that death was imminent five hours before the death. They can only guess. Take each moment, one at a time.
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It could be that your mom is just really tired and it could be from ALL the things you mentioned. Just knowing her prognosis might make her very sleepy.
I hope for her sake her passing is just that simple. A nice nap.
As long as she is eating, drinking, going to the bathroom I would think she has a way to go. Difficult from what you’ve written to know how soon. Hopefully she’s sitting where she can’t fall. Ask the hospice nurse if the meds might be a bit strong for sitting on her own.
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Probably the morphine. You should call the Hospice Nurse with your concerns. She should be available 24/7.
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