Am just trying to get back to normal (lol) whatever that is after having a an endoscopy/colonoscopy done a few days ago. We both (my dad and I) had to leave in wheelchairs. The heat was bad outside and he had to park a good ways away. Unfortunately am starting to worry as since my mom passed almost a year ago, my health is not good either and it is still just us and my dad can't walk very well sometimes. Cannot afford car insurance to drive at this time. Am waiting on a decision from a disability hearing that was a couple months ago. Also, never get any breaks anymore as have been sick and hard time as not many friends we hear from anymore. This is kind of sad and frustrating. Feels bad to not be able to get up when you're depended on to do certain things and just don't have all the answers anymore. Does anyone know anything about or have any suggestions for situations such as this? Would appreciate it.

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To stop a downward spiral, you need to add something positive,then build on it. Exercise is key, take a walk every day even if it's 10 minutes. Next week make it 15, build to where you can walk for 45 minutes a day. If you can't walk , yoga. This will give you a sense of control. Next your diet, slowly wean yourself off of prepared foods, white flour and sugar. Add fresh fruit and vegetables. Next reduce fried foods and add lean protein. Do it slowly in manageable increaments. Your health will improve, you will feel in control, and your problems will become manageable. This will help your Dad also. Concentrate on what you can do.

Write your congressman and your two senators asking them to intercede wth SS to get a decision. Explain the hardship this is causing you and your Dad. Good luck.
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mslisadoll, you need help, and sooner rather than later. If Dad has the beginning of dementia, he probably should not be driving. Have you looked into transportation for the handicapped in your area?

I suggest you call your county's Social Services Department and ask for a needs assessment for your dad. Even if he is not eligible for county funds, the worker who comes out will know about other resources in the area. You need to have some support in taking care of him.

When do you expect a to hear the result of the disability hearing?
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Dad parked a ways away and you can't drive because of no car insurance? Something just does not make sense. Darned if I know. Sounds like both you and Dad may need nursing homes. You should not still be having issues with the procedure you had a few days ago. If you are it is time to get to either the doc or the ER.
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