Should I just donate Mom's furniture and get rid of all of her stuff except a few meaningful things?

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My mother died last week. Buried today. I am the only family member. Have a sister but she doesn't care. Mom's furniture and belongings are in storage. I brought some of her furniture to my apartment in attempt to bring her home so to speak. But now looking at this furniture just brings up intense grief. And just try to move on? I am grieving intensely and looking at her belongings just reminds me of losing her.

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Your mother died last week. Her burial was today. You don't have to do *anything.* Just sit tight and give yourself a little time to grieve, every decision large and small can wait until you're ready.
Countrymouse said it. Take as much time as you need to grieve your mother.

bloomschool, my heartfelt sympathy to you for your loss.

I agree with the above writers, give yourself time. I would hate to see you donate things and later down the road wish you have kept some of the items.

My own Mom passed over a year ago, and my Dad this past September, and I have a lot of their items and some furniture. The items give me great comfort now, so I am glad I kept these things.
I agree with the other posters. This is way too soon to be making long-term decisions. Can you leave the belongings in storage until you are ready to deal with this?
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.

Grief is a different road for everyone. Some are ready to shed the old belongings immediately and move on - but most are not. You need to take all the time YOU need - not based on what anyone else tells you is "normal". As you're finding out, there *is* no "normal" when it comes to grief. Everyone moves through it at their own pace, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Take your time and be at peace.
Thanks everyone! Your answers help a lot. I guess I'll will just wait and not make any decisions.
Dear Bloom,

I struggled with this decision too, so I'm glad you posted this question. Its now 5 months later and I'm still not sure how to handle the remainder of my dad's possessions. I have given a lot to the homeless shelter but I'm not sure if I should part with the rest. Maybe I will wait till the one year anniversary to make a further decision.
I'm sorry for the loss of your mom.

Answer your question, keep 5 things that you feel would make you still feel close to your mom, and donate, toss out, sell the rest.

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