Dad fell on the ground yesterday. Since he could not walk out of ER yesterday (issues with back pain), He's in the hospital and will be going to a nursing home temporarily (hopefully).

The only nursing home that has beds open is one of the poorest rated nursing homes in town. I have read some of the reviews: Cleaniness and food safety is one of their biggest problems. He's going there because it accepts Medicaid. The other facility that we want him to go to doesn't accept the kind of Medicaid that he is on (and the Medicaid that he is on here, he just can't pick and choose where he wants to go, Medicaid decides where he's going).

Just a small rant and please pardon my language: Why in the hell do some patients that are on Medicaid end up in crappy nursing homes such as this one? Yes, there are some facilities that accept Medicaid are not hell holes and my dad just got done living in a nice one that accepts Medicaid (but that's full now and he can't get in). But why should he get the short end of the stick? Doesn't Medicaid do anything about the poor conditions of a nursing home? After all, it's taxpayer money that is being spent. I want my tax dollars to improve the conditions of a nursing home, not keep it crummy and not change the conditions of it.

And I am not trying to start drama at all on here. I am just shocked that Medicaid continues to be accepted at poorly run nursing homes.

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FIle your complaints with the State Dept of Public Health. They oversee complaints and levy fines. Your complaint should trigger an unannounced inspection
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