My mom is from England. Dad died and she misses England alot. She has told me her sister will take her in but I will have to hear it from her. My Mom is in ALF and takes alot of meds and needs nursing care. My family is moving out of state this summer and it would be ideal for me to send her to England to be taken care of by a relative she has hardly seen in the 40 + years of living here with dad.

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It can be done. Lots of folks do this who retire to Latin America
and other countries. San Miguel de Allende and Guadalajara
are probably 30% folks from the US living there on SS $$.
And living quite well.

You might want to look into some expat blogs (expatriate community) to see what banks are the easiest to work with in England Then you can have mom's monthly SS $ deposited directly to a bank in the US that has a reciprocal bank in the UK. Now she will need to maintain a US address for SSA and
Medicare and whatever to be able to sent their statements
and correspondence to. Can't be outside of US except for
Puerto Rico. Maybe still have all that sent to you in your new state. Also she still would "exist" in the US, so if it doesn't work out she can come back without starting from zero paperwork.
It could be a good thing for her to move.
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