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They sent a letter saying that she was not nursing home qualified.
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Angela P, why was it not approved? If the MD ordered care, they should approve it as long as the elder is qualified for Medicaid.
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Just tried this and they didn't approve it....
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Yes PA does but you must qualify
Go to the PA Caregiver and Support program site and apply to see if you qualify for the caregiver allowance. (see info below)
Family Caregiver
Support Program...
responding to the needs of
family caregivers
Caregivers are the focus
When you’re not feeling well, home is
where you want to be - no matter what your
age. And when an older relative or friend is
ill or frail, you want to keep them close; to
take care of them at home.
Pennsylvania’s Family Caregiver Support
program makes that possible by assisting
families caring for an older relative or
friend at home. In some cases, the program
can also support older caregivers of
younger relatives. It’s purpose is to support
- not replace - the care being provided
to frail family members in their home.
The Family Caregiver Support Program
responds to the needs of caregivers, so that
they can better care for their loved ones.
How does the program work?
Area Agencies on Aging assign staff
professionals to help family caregivers
assess their needs in taking care of older
relatives who are sixty years of age or older
or who are suffering from chronic dementia
or Alzheimer’s Disease. This assistance is
also available to older caregivers caring for
qualifying younger relatives.
Amounts are determined by actual expenses
and family income. Established income
guidelines are above poverty level to
enable more middle income families to
Benefits and Services for
• Assessments of caregiver and older
relative’s needs
• Counseling in coping skills
• Respite care
• Training in caregiving skills
• Home chore services
• Financial assistance to purchase
supplies or services
• One-time grants for home adaptations
• Benefits and counseling on services
available through local, state and
federal programs.
• Referrals to family support or
disease-specific organizations such
as: Children of Aging Parents;
Alzheimer’s Disease and Related
Disorders Association.
• Assistance in completing benefits
and insurance forms
Pennsylvania took a pioneering step when it enacted the Family Caregiver Support Act of 1990 The Family Caregiver Support Program is a cost effective program that enables nearly 8,000 families to receive some financial, emotional and physical relief. Services provided under the program may include care management, respite care, financial reimbursements for home modifications, and others. The program has not kept pace with the growing needs of elders and caregivers
The Family Caregiver Support Program has not seen an increase in the monthly maximum allowance of $200/month or the lifetime home modification maximum allowance of $2,000 since the program’s inception. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously passed House Bill 1830 on October 23, 2007, increasing the monthly maximum amount to $500 for expenses and the lifetime home modification maximum allowance to $6,000. The legislation would expand the definition of a primary caregiver to include support to any informal caregiver who is not being paid to provide care to an older adult and who meets the program’s criteria. It also would help the Department of Aging to coordinate Pennsylvania’s program with the federal program and to utilize dollars left unspent due to more restrictive state rules. House Bill 1830 is currently in the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Pennsylvania Senate is encouraged to act on this bill, which would support the vital role caregivers provide.
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