Does my elderly parent have to withhold fed and state income tax and ss tax?

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Wow! this question is DO important to me!

I get moneey each month for a serious problem. (bipolar disorder)
I sure mess up my life and the lives of others with i attempt to work a 40 hour work week!

On the other hand, taking care of my mom if SO much fun, and I look forward to my minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years with her....

Even though my "job" is a blast, I still think my two older brothers should compensate me a few dollars an hour. After all, if it weren't for me, they would be paying a stranger $18/hour in my home state.
My mother has absolutely no desire to go live with her sons in NH or NC!

(I guess they think they wouldn't charge my mother anything for her to live with them.)

yeah, right.
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Maggie has this spot-on.

You want to do this too ALSO because you will be building up your own benefit for your eventual SS payment too.
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Yes. You become a formal employee. They will have to pay their portion of your Social Security taxes and withhold your portion of it. They will also be required to collect Federal and state income tax. You will have to, of course, claim this income on your annual tax returns. If you don't do this exactly right, everything they pay you will be disallowed when figuring Medicaid eligibility.
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