My parents divorced several years ago and my father has since died. He was a WWII veteran. My mother needs some assistance now. Does she qualify for any type of assistance from the VA

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Since they divorced, she is not eligible for VA benefits. VA benefits automatically terminate when the divorce is finalized. Source-my MIL is not eligible for VA benefits (aside from an ID that allows her to shop at the commissary/exchange) through her ex husband and my mother is eligible for and receives VA benefits through my father since they are still married.
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“I am a spouse of retired military husband. We married after he was retired. Then he had to put me in the DEERS system so I get an ID and could become eligible for benefits, such as health insurance and spousal pension benefit upon his death. You have to be married 10 years and can not remarry or you lose it. It is the fully retired veteran who is responsible for putting the spouse in DEERS so she/he can receive benefits. The veteran can not get TRICARE health benefits, if they didn't stay in 20 years, back then. So it does depend, as I stated earlier, how long her husband was in the service and did he take a pension.” This was posted by member Harpcat in 2015. Contact your local VA with the details of your situation.
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