My mother (76) has Parkinson's and history of disabling stroke and double bypass. She has started to have more frequent delusions. She has been able to live on her own but is getting weaker and has started hearing voices. I had moved someone in with her but she became fearful of her (irrational) and the neighbor across the street whom the roommate dated. In her mind they are plotting against her and she keeps hearing their voices and thinks they come in the house. Roommate moved out when my mom called police on her one morning when she thought the two were conspiring against her (roommate was asleep in bed). I worry about Lewey Body Dementia but neuro psychiatrist thinks either LBD or psychosis from long term paranoia tendencies. She is in process of being appoved for nursing home care.

She had been taking generic Aricept but stopped due to side effects which then brought on some severe delusions 3 days later. I asked doctor would they just medicate her when she has delusions in nursing home. She said yes but did not even try to convince my mom to try the medicine again. I worry about her being put on anti-psychotics which are not good for LBD patients. Will they even listen to me without POA? She refuses to take medicine for her mind with the exception of zoloft. She insists she is not "crazy" but refuses to accept her delusions will get worse. She has no real assets so I was only going to get POA to try and avoid her being put on anti-psychotic meds but she refuses to listen to me anyway. She has always been a control freak but she has said she would sign the papers for POA. However, I am starting to think being her POA might affect my mental health as she is quite stubborn. All doctors though have recommened getting POA papers signed. Is there an inexpensive way to do it?

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