About 5 years ago, my grans bestest friend had past away. Ever since this happened I seem to be having problems with my gran. Both my mum, myself and my gran live together in a house which is split into two flats. When this first started happening, it was only mildly, my gran thinking she's lost jewellery or someone had been in and taken it. However, this is becoming much worse and more regular. It has now resulted in my gran thinking that both my moth and myself are prostitues and selling ourselves off for money in our flat. This is making my gran bang and shout on the floor boards down to us. While my gran thinks what is going on is happening, at the time nothing is, we are either sat watching tv or having dinner. Along side this, my gran has become greatly forgetful, if I see her in a morning, she will have forgotten that I had that same afternoon. This is the same with putting things in places and who people are. My gran has gone too far at times calling the police saying things are happening downstairs and starts to ring us in early hours of the morning... I am a university student so I am hardly home but I try to come back when I can. It's been going on too long now and I just want to try and make things better for our family. We have tried to contact her GP and they came over to see how she was, however, my gran seemed to lie about everything that was asked or said to her as She refuses to admit something is wrong. Now her GP is retired to we have moved back a step because the information has not been passed on... Please can someone help?

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Send a letter to the last doctor's adddress, have gran sign it. OBTAIN HER MEDICAL RECORDS.
Since she won't be returning, does not yet have a doctor, send the records to: Home address?
Important to have records sent a.s.a.p. to A DOCTOR if they do not cooperate, or, find out if another doctor has taken over the former doctor's practice and has the records. How long ago did the doctor retire?  There are laws concerning these records.
In other words, obtain her medical records.
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First thing to do is have your Gran checked for a urinary tract infection as that can mimic dementia. The test is easy and you can get results the same day. This is treated with antibiotics.

If the urinary tract infection cleans up and Gran is still acting the same way, it could be dementia. And with dementia there are different phases. So learn as much as you can so you will be ready.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to the blue section. Now click on ALZHEIMER'S CARE.... you will find many excellent articles regarding Alzheimer's/Dementia that will help guide you through the various situations.

It would be best to find a doctor who specializes in older people, they are more up-to-date on this subject then a general family doctor.
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