Does Medicare pay for in-home health care? What are the parameters? When is the time to get in-home care?

Yes, Home Health is paid for by Medicare in several different cases that I can think of that I’ve had personal experience with. One being wound care, another being after discharge
from the hospital or rehab when the patient needs more therapy, a bathing aide, a weekly nurse visit, another being if the patient is homebound and needs less than 24 hr skilled nursing care.
In each case a doctor has to write a prescription. Since you don’t give very much information about your loved ones circumstances, you can find out if they qualify by contacting a home health agency. If you qualify they can help you get things going with your doctor.
It’s limited care, a weekly visit by a nurse, a bathing aide a couple of times a week and physical or occupational therapy but very beneficial.
Here is a link that explains what’s available.
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Medicare DOES pay for skilled in-home care. They won’t pay for personal care such bathing, dressing, toileting, if that’s the only care you need. They won’t pay for housekeeping (cleaning, laundry, washing dishes etc). They will pay for physical and occupational therapy.

Basically if all you need is help with your activities of daily living, Medicare won’t pay for home care.
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No they do not. Does the LO qualify for Medicaid?
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