I read your profile. so it seems you are thinking ahead about your own care?
you might look at your local aging and adult services. some services still require Medicaid. you can contact a few AL facilities to get a better idea and make a plan(and they can do a tour also) a few calls here or there may lead you to some good information.

my mom is in assisted living with dementia. its a very good facility here in CA.
im very happy with the care she receives and the different activities they provide.edit: my mom is self pay tho. and it is very expensive. :(
edit you may also want to research a POA - my mom started hers with an elder attorney
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You need to check with Medicaid in your state. Some states have programs that will pay for memory care if doc determines the care is medically necessary.
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No, Medicare is an insurance. You maybe thinking of Medicaid and they don't pay for AL unless there is an agreement. Usually, an AL requires 2 yrs of private pay before they except Medicaid. They also only allow a certain % of residents to be on Medicaid. If they have hit that %, the resident would have to continue private pay or transfer to NH.

An AL is just that, it assists. Sometimes a dementia resident needs more care then an AL can give. A Dementia patient will get worse as time goes on. I took Mom in Nov of 2014 because she could no longer care for herself. Sept 2017 she passed away. Her decline was steady. We went thru an AL and NH.
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