They don't accept direct Medicaid payments.

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In order for Medicaid to pay a facility - whether it's a NH or MC or AL - the facility will need to participate in Medicaid as Medicaid pays them directly.

Facilities do NOT have to take medicaid. Often AL & MC do not as Medicaid is done by a state waiver program so limited # within program, low reimburse &/or very specific requirements for what the facility must provide.... if they can easily fill beds with private pay no need to ever take Medicaid.

Grandpa dawg - if your a "community spouse" with your mate in a facility & your running out of $$, really make an apt with an elder law atty asap. The whole qualifying for Medicaid for community spouse situations is complicated. It's not a DIY, plus your mind & energy is focused on daily living plus being involved in your spouses life over in MC. Medicaid does NOT expect you as a CS to become impoverished. Only your spouse in a facility does. But just how to do that so it's totally within compliance for Medicaid &
works best for your finances is something to discuss with an experienced elder law atty.

I did my widowed moms Medicaid application to go into a NH. It wasn't a piece of cake but manageable for us. BUT if this had been for my dad to enter a NH with mom continuing to stay in their home, it would have needed an atty to make it work best so mom would have had $ for her future both as a community spouse and then after dad died as a widow.
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