I only have a small amount.

Are you on medicaid? They will not pay bills, no, but may pay for your medical care if you have no funds. As far as the credit card debt that will be turned over to collections. If you do not pay your bills then you will likely be not receiving any more credit.
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If you are on Medicaid, you are likely close to judgement proof.   I would not regard paying down balance as a priority
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No, Medicaid is health insurance and will pay for Long term care both for low income people. As said this is your debt.

You can continue to pay the minimum due but it will probably offset the interest and not much of the principle. You need to pay more and not use the card. Pay on time. If you have been a good payer maybe you can have the CC lower your interest rate.
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No the taxpayers are not going to pay your debts via Medicaid. Pay your own bills. Medicaid is a medical program for those in need.
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