I currently get in home care, but was notified today that I was missing a form and care would stop today.

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Do you have a Medicaid case worker? I would call them. Their name should be on your paperwork. Also, my Moms NH Medicaid coverage had to be renewed every year. About a month in advance they would send a renewal application, basically just asking if anything has changed financially since their original approval. I would fill this out, send it in and get an approval for another year. Is this the “form” that is missing? Call Medicaid caseworker.
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What level of care are you talking about? For elder care? I would definitely contact Council on Aging in your state/county for an accurate answer.
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I would think whoever u get homecare from could wait until you can get that form. Doesn't seem right they just shut u off. If this provider in not Medicaid, then I would call Office of Aging to help.

To answer ur question, yes Medicaid provides homecare. You will need to meet their criteria. Office of Aging maybe able to help u there too.
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