My mother is very poor and on a fixed income and in need of a place to live. Living with my family is not an option anymore. She lived with us for 9 months previously and that did not work out. She currently rents a room with an elderly couple, but will be needing to move soon. She is 79 and on medications for high blood pressure and anxiety and has the beginning stages of dementia. She can't afford her own apartment on her income and I don't have any extra money after paying my mortgage and bills to help her. What will Medicaid pay for? Is there any other assistance out there for a situation like hers?

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Medicaid in Arizona does not pay room & board in an assisted living facility. They do however pay for some of the care & services in an assisted living. that website explains the options in Arizona, there may be other financial assistance your mom qualifies for other than Medicaid.
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