Hello, I recently learned that a family member asked my 90 year old grandmother for $28,000 for a new house purchase. She obliged without speaking with a lawyer and with a possible dementia diagnosis. We are looking at long term care options for her and determining how long she can private pay before Medicaid for long term care is needed. How will Medicaid address a sudden decrease in her checking account? Will they deny her? Will they go after the assets of the 3rd party? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Medicaid will deny payment of services until the equivalent of the money has been privately paid by patient or family based on the daily rate paid for Medicaid bed in the state. Example, give away $15,000 and $150 is daily rate in your state. Medicaid will not pay for the first 100 days of care. Medicaid won’t directly seek asset return, they just won’t pay for services. If the state takes guardianship, the person who took money may be prosecuted for elder abuse. Its called gifting and Medicaid lookback is five years from date of application. You sign permission to allow Medicaid on behalf of state and federal govt. to look thru bank records, assets, etc. for the patient. With computers, any large transfers will be found.
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