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Local hospital has a van that comes around. They will pick up urine samples and they have a phlebotomist that will do blood draws. Your physician gets this set up for one as part of discharge planning. It’s billed to your insurance thru hospital services. No preapprovals are needed.
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My aunt has become homebound, and her doc said a homecare RN could come if blood needs to be drawn.  The doc would call the agency and set it up.   I brought my aunt in for a physical in the early fall, and told her doc that I could not get her out in the winter.  We are rural, so that may be why it is more common.  Medicare will pay.
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My husband is bedridden and we use a nationwide company called Visiting Physicians. He is seen by a Nurse Practitioner and a Physician’s Assistant. They come out about once every four months. They have done a chest x-day, blood draw and a blood oxygen level overnight test on him. They also referred a podiatrist who comes to our home. We are satisfied with them. Insurance covers it.
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They may, but not likely. There used to be companies that provided physicians to go to homes directly to manage patients considered medically unable to leave their home due to truly being bedbound. The criteria were hard to meet to justify insurance paying for it (in my area anyway - Metro DC) so they phased those services out. Those patients had labs drawn by a phlebotomist that would go to the home under the auspices of their physical condition. I think now due to liability issues, financial concerns, you name it, those services are few and far between.
A phone call to Labquest should provide an answer.Maybe truly rural areas continue to have that type of service however, as there is more of a need.
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Thats a question you need to ask them. Quest used to come to the house not sure if they do anymore. Call ur PCP and see if they know of someone. Sometimes Homecare facilities will.
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