58 years old not on Medicare or Medicaid. He has had a stroke and will need months or even a year of rehabilitation through speech therapy, OT and PT. Will his insurance cover this or will it have to be private pay at the facility he goes to?

Call the insurance company and check. There are so many different policies and levels of coverage Customer Service Rep. The # is usually on the back of the card.

Any rehab place will ask for his insurance policy info and verify eligibility as they will want to be reimbursed.

At times insurance companies pay for rehab at certain certain facilities so make sure this person’s rehab center is in his insurance company’s network or his cost may be higher. He may have a Co-pay as well.

Hopefully his insurance will cover all the rehab he requires. If not he may need to look into long term care.
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It depends on what kind of insurance he has. Please advise and I can tell you for sure from there.
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Insurance, like Medicare will be similar (look at the policy). Full coverage for 21 days then partial coverage up to 100 days. For Medicare it runs about $165/ day then it becomes full time nursing home and can run snpbout 100 to 140 K/ year depending on which state he lives in. Plus someone may have to do all of the financials for him if he cannot do it.
I have a neighbor who had a long recovery but she has a husband to look after her who does not work and can be with her for ling periods of time.
You should see an elder care attorney on his behalf. He will have to spend down to qualify for eventual Medicaid. The attorney may be able to help him protect him of some of his assets. A lot depends on if he is single or married, and eligabe for disability.

I am sorry you have to go through this rapid learning curve. Try to be proactive during your down times. A little bit of work each day will get a surprising amount done
Be realistic about this and ask the neurologists where they expect his abilities will be a year from now: mobility, self care, etc. This may be helpful in determining if he can return to his home.
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Yes, you need to talk to his insurance company, for starts.

Who is telling you that he will need
"years" of therapy?

It sounds as though your brother has not taken care of his health. Is there a plan for that, going forward?
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Isthisrealyreal Mar 22, 2019
Oh my Barb, what a great picture.
Call his insurance company.

They are the only ones that can tell you that.

I hope it's not quite that long for recovery, I had an 84 year young friend that was completely rehabbed in 6 weeks, if you didn't know him you would have never known.

Good luck and may God bless his recovery.
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