Our loved one , 60 yrs old has been diagnosed with spinal Stenosis a narrowing of the spine. His case is very severe and is unable to walk or stand as well as limited mobility in his hands.

He is is currently in a nursing home on private pay but funds are running out. It was recently determined he needs cervical spine surgery, to help his hands without it he is sure to worsen to complete loss of hand and arm functions. Down the road he will need lumbar spine surgery to help improve the mobility of his lower body but that’s at least 6 months after the first surgery. He does have private insurance currently but are looking to enroll in Medicaid to help pay for the living expenses in the nursing home .The families concern is if he goes on Medicaid in IL will they pay for spinal surgery? And if so will he have to go to a different surgeon/ hospital than where all his doctors are located.

We are all sick over this recent news regarding the diagnosis which has been long to determine, but now worry if we will have the funds to pay for it.

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This all depends on the insurance company Medicaid uses for healthcare. You get to choose in my state. My nephew has BC/BS. You will determine who u want as a PCP. He will then refer you to a Dr. who excepts Medicaid. You may want to keep ur insurance if you like ur doctors. These are questions for your local Medicaid.
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