Does confusion caused by a UTI go away?

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My mother is recovering from a uti and is extremely confused. I am very concerned.

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Yes, confusion caused by a uti does go away when the uti is cleared up. It might take a while, but a uti does not cause permanent cognitive issues (as far as I know).

It is possible, I suppose, that the confusion is caused by something else, and it was just coincidence that the uti occurred at the same time.

Your profile says your mother has dementia. Dementia gets worse over time. The increase in confusion may be due to the dementia, in which case it probably won't go away.

My mother has dementia. She became extremely confused when she had a uti in ways she wasn't confused before. That extreme level of confusion cleared up along with the uti, but she still, of course, had dementia, and continues to be confused -- more on some days than on others, as is typical of dementia. Overall, her dementia is worse now that it was a year ago (before she had the uti) but it probably would be with or without the uti.
I agree with what Jeanne wrote. My mother had a slight bladder infection over two years ago. Even the slight infection had large psychological effects. These cleared as the antibiotics did their job.
Dear jeannegibbs and JessieBelle, thank you for your responses. Jeanne, my mother does not have Dementia. When narrowing down what my issues were on this website, I chose Dementia because it seemed to be the only thing that somewhat related to what my concerns were. My mother has had between 3-4 utis in the last few months. Right around New Year's there was an outbreak of the flu at facility she was staying at. Flu turned into pneumonia and in addition to that she had another uti because in this facility they use diapers on their patients. The diapers were never changed quickly enough and I complained about this but nothing was done about it. I have now had her admitted to another rehab/nursing home facility where this diaper issue will not be a problem. Thank you both for your responses. I appreciate it. I am just very concerned and hope that she returns to her normal mental state.
Cit to, do these episodes of paranoia occur at the same time each day?

Last summer, my mom kept telling us she had leprosy, to keep the babies away. It was sundowning, and happened very specifically in the early evening.

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