She is now in long term care. They have a locked memory care unit for Alzheimer's patients and they are now advising the families of my mom's unit that they are going to open for the alzheimeirs patients to walk around in my mom's unit. These patients will be able to walk into other patient's rooms, have access to other patient's clothes and personal items and they make take things unknowingly. Do they have a right to have Alzheimer's mixed among other patients who are all in wheelchairs and not mobile to get up or walk on their own as in my mom's unit.
I have concerns as it is as mom has said a few times people come in her room, so I don't want her to become more agitated than she already is there. What questions can I ask and what rights does mom/ I have. Thank you

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Who is it that has advised you of this change? I'd call the Ombudsmen without delay if it turns out that they are opening a previously locked unit. It's the MC patients who are danger here, of escaping and getting hurt.
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Montana, something sounds amiss here. I wonder if the senior facility meant that they would be accepting Alzheimer's patients to have temporary rooms in your Mom's unit until a new bed opens up in the Memory Care unit. Roaming patients would make it difficult for the Memory Care staff to keep an eye on them, valuable time would be wasted looking for a patient.

Alzheimer's/Dementia patients don't like change, the patients would prefer to stay in their own unit where they know the Staff and the other patients.

Double check with the Head Nurse as to what is this situation.

Now, my Mom was in long-term-care, her unit had a variety of patients from those who were very sharp but have physical issues... to those who were physically able to walk around but had memory issues. Everyone was mixed together. I wasn't there all the time, so I don't know if anyone came in Mom's room [she did have a room-mate], and I know nothing was ever missing.
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