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You can’t even rent a normal a 1 bedroom Apartment in California for $900 a month! It’s probably been 50+ years since an AL only ran $900 a month in this state! You won’t find an assisted living facility for under $5k here. And if you can only afford to pay $900 out of pocket, I am sad to say that if that’s your only income you will not be able to afford assisted living here even if you can get a Medi-cal assisted living waiver. I wish I had better news for you. If you are the person in need of AL, are you a veteran? Spouse of a late veteran? That’s the only other way to get financial assistance.
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Assisted living is what it says, the person needs assistance with their daily ADLs. An Independent living means the person can live on their own with no help.

Have you checked into low income apts. Also HUDD which charges rent on scale. You may want to contact Office of Aging to see what info they may have.
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worriedinCali Sep 25, 2020
Good luck finding low income apartments in this state Joann. We’ve had a severe housing shortage for years, there is a wait list just to get on the wait list and now that ol Newsolini has kept a majority of the state closed down for 6 months, the need for low income housing is growing fast.
I am in MD, less costs than CA, and my Dads MC was about 6000 a month! My friends mom was in the same place in AL and it was 5000. Good luck with this! They were both private pay with no LTC insurance.
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I cannot even imagine a studio for rent for that in California at this point. Are we talking this at total monthly assets with Social Security and all other assets? No home? Nothing else?
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