My parents just moved to Heritage. My mom is in Independent Living and dad is in Skilled Nursing. My sister and I live out of town so we are looking for an advocate to check on their care especially dads and help with Medicare and Medicaid questions my mom might have. Not always sure the facility has their best interest in mind.

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Sometimes a primary doctors office that has a large number of older patients will have a nurse or advocate that will help coordinate finding the right person if not provide the service. Is there any other family in the area who might stop in often? I'm thinking your parents must have deep ties to the area since you chose to move them to a facility there rather than closer to one of you. A lot of the Medicare/Medicaid questions are things you can manage from a distance and say video chat with Mom or simply take care of it, it's the keeping an eye on them that's the main thing, to me anyway and it seems like someone that knows them and is actually visiting is better equipped to see how they are doing if at all possible.
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You will probably need to hire a licensed fudiciary. We found one through a certified elder law attorney, which you can find at

Be sure that whomever you use is licensed through the superior court in their area. This is a tender position that attracts evildoers. Do your due diligence before hiring.
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