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I'm wondering if anyone has had success finding a live in caregiver on I find the registration process a bit confusing because it asks for the name of my business and also questions that don't apply to a family hiring a live in help or renting a room to someone to help out part time. We could use someone else living in the home coming and going and sharing meals. What if the assistance is only part time. The assistance I need is only intermittent for getting my parent to stand up. With someone else, my parents springs up faster because of the distraction of the new person. I can still do it but it puts me in the authoritative position. Even though I move around my parent with slowness and gentleness, the more gentle I am the longer toilet time takes.

I am looking for a live in person who might actually WANT to live with the company of others. I know a lot of women are retired and living single, and thought MAYBE, we can have another member in our family. I just want to get someone that isn't with behavior issues because then I will have more problems getting them out. Does anyone know an agency that I can pay a fee to find the right tenant so to speak or roomate with caregiving skills? I am home full time and the idea is to share the care. I use but no one wants to live in with an exchange of free room and board. My offer is $1000 mo for part time care because my family is home and can pitch in. Is that too little? When I apply for Medicaid I will be able to add the money to the caregiver as well if they want more hours. I have read the post from others regarding how to find someone as a live in, but I want to use a better head hunting service. If you know any, please share.

Thank you. I do have caregivers but it is not enough. It makes it a little hard because we are traveling between two states to satisfy one parent who prefers their own home. I will try some of the other options some of whcih i tried but will try more in depth.
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Google "home share". There is "sunshine home share colorado" maybe there are similar companies in other states.
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truthbetold Aug 31, 2018
Yes, that looks great all around. They have one in my area. THank you
Anything posted on automatically gets sent to indeed and ziprecruiter and is emailed to people looking for jobs in that area. How many hours is part time and what would be expected of them?

Make sure you keep out words like account, manage, etc. I get emails for finance jobs daily from indeed and caregiving jobs are being sent to the wrong people every day because of wording.
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truthbetold Aug 30, 2018
Your reply is so helpful. How do you know ads are sent to those places? I suppose you know how the internet works. I’m sure you’re right.
I probably need a minimum of 4 -6 hours a day spread out.
Some days only two if they rather take a day off or switch with me. I don’t want anyone to feel stuck and instead to enjoy the arrangement somehow. And be able to share the demands with me.
Basically morning and bedtime routine, an outing and exercise. A meal cooked and lite housekeeping.

Im so busy I don’t know where to begin in knowing what the priorities are exactly. But a big portion of my day is devoted to posting ads in various places to get part time help. I even used an agency which has its own issues.

It’s also $100 per month to advertise on indeed. I suppose I will bite the bullet and post an ad if I know people are looking for a live in situation and searching on that site.
Alternatively might I get better result if I just look at resumes?

Problem is the last name will be made public. I wanted that to remain private until further into interviewing.
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