Does anyone have unique gift ideas for a bed bound nursing home resident that is unable to use their hands?

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My mother in law is a resident at a nursing home. Our family has reserved a room to have Christmas dinner and gift exchange at the home with her. The nursing home activities director had us already bring a gift for Santa to hand out. I wrapped up her favorite cookies and candy for that event. I need another good idea for our family time. My niece is having a quilt made with family photos, my daughter got her a throw blanket. She has lots of slipper socks and gowns. Any great ideas out there?

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Music? Something soothing, and joyful, like Enya... it really helped my mom in very difficult moment when she was not able to move.
How about a collage of family pictures to hang on the wall to look at while she's in bed? Or a piece of favorite art?
Skin cream, soap and cologne in her favorite scent?
A pretty night light?
A stuffed snugly animal?
A framed white construction paper with "kisses" (lip prints) and names from everyone in the family?
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I don't know if they are still available but, I thought that a picture frame that changes the picture or one of those moving lighted scenic pictures. Mother had one of gentle mountain stream and it was very relaxing. So was her fish tank.

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