We have a resident who has been found, on multiple occasions, playing in the toilet, digging in her pants (seemingly has hemorrhoids), putting toilet paper and paper towels in the sinks, etc.

This is unhealthy/unsanitary for her personally but also for our other residents and visitors.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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Preoccupation with stool and tissue is not uncommon in someone with dementia. She may need to be accompanied to the bathroom with a staff member from now on.
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I assume this person has Dementia/ALZ so this is not unusual. By resident you mean in a NH? If so, have you talked to the DON. The doctor should be aware of the behavior and maybe a med can be given to the resident. In the meantime, the resident should not go to the toilet alone. Maybe they could stay in the activities room where they can be watched and taken to the toilet every couple of hours.
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