Mom needs professional 24/7 care which her daughter is in denial about.

Daughter is extremely combative and irrational, leaves Mom home alone, doesn't give her meds and no nutrition.

Mom admitted to hospital since in such bad shape but daughter managed to get her back into her home due to her violent nature no one will confront her.

Of course, daughter wants Mom's money.

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On October 13, 2018, helpwithma asked:

"Can my mother who has dementia legally sign a POA?
I had POA for my mother for 6 years until my sister just 2 days ago got my mother to sign another POA giving her POA. Is this legally binding since my mother has dementia..."

It sounds like you and your sister have been at odds for awhile in regards to what type of care your Mom needs.  What did you do after your Sister had your Mom change her POA from you to her?  Have you talked with any attorneys or with ASP?   We need some idea of what has happened since you last posted in 2018.
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Its very hard following a 3rd party post. How are you related to these people.

I am surprised if this woman was in such sad shape, the hospital released her back to her caregiver. The could have called in APS and had them take over.

You can contact APS and ask them to do a well check.
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What relation are you to the Mom in question?

I'm wondering how the daughter managed to get her back if you were working with the hospital staff, APS, social workers, anyone of that sort, and the mother had been admitted in a clear state of neglect. Generally, too, a person who displays violent tendencies is not more likely but less likely to be left in charge of a vulnerable elder.

You say "of course" the daughter is motivated by her mother's money. Would the daughter agree? Or would she claim different reasons for keeping her mother at home?
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helpwithma May 2019
The daughter who took Mom back threatened her sister and family so sister let her go back to mother as she was concerned for her family. I am daughter and POA living in another state. I am not working with any agencies but will be filing with APS tomorrow.
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What is your relationship to “Mom”? Does “daughter” have POA?

Are you documenting every incident that you interpret as being hostile to Mom’s interests?

Are other family members concerned, or do they support Daughter?

Would you be able to set up an informal, anonymous welfare check for her, perhaps her minister or a family friend or someone in a similar situation who could provide an objective opinion?
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The hospital discharged your mother to her daughter's care? Who signed the discharge papers?

Who says that mother needs Memory Care?
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