My Dad is 85 yrs old with Alzheimer's. I can ask him to take a shower & he replies "I already took one, " or he goes in the bathroom turns on the shower, doesn't get in, changes his clothes & comes out. I've gone as far as saying "phew, Dad you really are strong today!" Last night I sat him down & told him I was disappointed, and he asked why & I ask him why don't you like to shower? Explain to me, I was calm & just like we're having a good ole conversation. So he never answered me, but just stormed off to the shower mumbling. But he did shower! So when he came out I offered him a back rub, as a reward. It's so hard seeing my Dad this way.

Thank you all
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Shower radio. Listen to tunes or talk shows
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rhoadescr97, I agree with what Ahmijoy had written. As we get older, taking a shower is like going to the gym... it can be exhausting. I know it is for me.

Make sure there is a shower mat in the tub/shower to help Dad feel safer. With today's liquid soaps with moisturizers, and hair conditioners, it can make the tub feel like an ice skating rink. The tub mat I have is a bumpy one, not flat like the older Rubbermaid products. It gives me a better sense of not sliding.

Then there comes claustrophobia as we get older. I have that issue when in the shower now, thus can't wait to bolt. I do plan to remove the glass shower doors and go back to using a shower curtain. The doors make me feel too enclosed. If it wasn't for having neighbors, I would rather hook up the water sprinkler and run back and forth thru it :P

And inbetween showers, one can use baby wipes. They actually work !!
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I think you answered your own question. Bribery works with Dad. Hubby’s grandmother told grandpa that if he showered, they would go out to eat. Also, bear in mind that as we age, taking a shower can be stressful (fear of falling) and exhausting. Even at my age (65), when I get out of the shower sometimes I have to sit down before I get dressed. Make sure the shower is safe for Dad, with grab bars and maybe even a plastic shower seat.
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