We are using 24 hr caregivers to manage our Mom and Dad w/ Dementia and Alzheimer's at home. We are going to a caregiver book so that when we drop in we can see specifically how many days since last shower, when were the bathrooms last cleaned, what hot meals are the caregivers preparing and how much are Mom and Dad eating, etc.... I can't find anything online that allows you to customize it specifically for what we want to know. The agency has an online portal but family can't see the CNA's documentation. Also we want to know if things aren't being done, why not? It's not as much about keeping tabs on a specific caregiver it is more about needing to know what things aren't being done regularly. It's costing upwards of $200,000 a year and we shouldn't need to hire a chef and housekeeper too. Just wondered how everyone else keeps tabs on 24/7 caregivers. I have a career and 2 kids still in high school so I can't be there all the time to do these things myself. Any advice would be appreciated!

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I am a private in home care giver for anyone but now a 97 year old man.

I want to say how refreshing it is for me.

I have 6,000,000 in my own liability insurance.
3 background checks just for different areas of our Social Services in our State
Finger Printed
Honesty is who I am. I believe that my gift is giving back to our community by assisting those that are not able to get around.
I signed a contract, and it is very straight forward.

The issue can be a problem, when there is a team member that decides to bring all her problems to work, and create her boundaries, then make the entire house miserable. She did not last long, but in the private area, I have been there in that field privately without an agency for 17 years, and I would never go with an agency. I have made sure my clients are protected. I also have professional business insurance for driving so they are insured.

Caregiving and common sense should be two requirements.

Unfortunately, there are always the few that just like to be the problems.

The families have enough issues, the last thing they need is a problem caregiver.
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Sometimes in life it is about timing. is free and a wonderful template.

You are the administrator, as well as then the caregivers would gain access that way.

I am a professional caregiver and want to share that I go way above and beyond, why? Because that is the work that I do. I am very grateful to have this passion to love the elderly and all of our community members. I think my 12 years of alzheimers with my mother was the reason. I miss her to this day.

I want to ask you a question. I am in a 24/7 and work Tues, Wed, Thurs for 10 hours a day. There is one caregiver that has told everyone all of her personal problems, including bi polar as well as she wants to avoid the person we are to care for as much as she can, because the entire family is manipulative.

I just listened, but this is a fabulous family. I have been doing this for 17 years, and know a good family. They are so gracious.

So this one woman who I never work with, we sort of knew each other before, but she is really strange to the point of scary. She says very negative things about the family.

The family loves me, and my husband has become a friend of the elderly man regardless of the age difference.

I have only been there 2 weeks. She used to show me around, etc. and now, she said I need to follow her boundaries. No texting and not asking her to learn a new protocol that has been set. Well, how is that a team?

I found out she had been arrested at an assisted living facility because they had a restraining order on her.

Can you give me your two cents.

1) She has been there 3 months.
2) She told me at first what a miracle it was
3) Yes we texted, and she was so excited to assist me.
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The problem with any log is it depends on the employee's honesty in filling it out. Our local agency had a care plan written up and the people coming into the home were supposed to check a box for each task completed, then the client signed the sheet each month. Since I wasn't there to oversee and my mother had dementia and couldn't tell me what happened while I was gone there was no guarantee that the boxes were checked truthfully, and you can bet that a caregiver that routinely is shirking is also willing to lie to cover her azz.
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EllenSW Jan 2020
Point well taken. Guess we need to ask the agency how THEY evaluate the quality of care being provided and ensure the caregivers are doing what they are supposed to be doing while in the home. The service we have now Isn't doing much of anything but being a body in the home EVEN when we are there visiting. Very frustrating when we are paying $24/hr 24/7/365.
What does your contract with the agency say?
Did you contract with the agency for food preparation?
Did you contract with the agency for housekeeping?
How many times per week did you contract with the agency for their caregivers to clean the toilet, prepare hot meals, change bed linens, etc.?
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If you can find an excel spreadsheet with most of the information you need, you can customize it further yourself. Or, you can create a simple text-only checklist and send it to the agency (however often you need confirmation of services) and let them tell you what has/has not been done.
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EllenSW Dec 2019
Thats my point exactly. If they don't want me to use my own documemtation then they need to provide me access to theirs. When I go if dad has refused showers and hasn't bathed in a a week I need to know that- and as his guardian I have every right to that info. If I get any pushback I think i will take the $ and my business somewhere else. I am honestly shocked at how poor the management of some home care services are. I know enough now to get the care for mom and dad they need with my expectations on the table upfront. It would be different if I was unreasonable. I can't see the care they are providing online, but sure have access to every invoice!
It never occurred to me I would have to make them responsible for oversight for every little detail a condition of my business. I know that now.
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