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Locked medicine dispensers helped me with my Mom.  (I used MedReady)  There are 28 slots which is equal to four weeks of meds once a day, 2 weeks of meds at twice a day and one week of meds at 4 times a day.  You load the dispenser, set the timers and it rings a buzzer to let the person know it is time to take their meds.  Meds drop into a slot IF the person releases it.  If no one opens the slot it won't open after a certain amount of time.  Then, the responsible person can see what meds are left and how often that happens.  A more expensive version would have contacted me if the slot wasn't opened.  It helped my Mom til we had live in care.
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There are plastic, weekly medication boxes with lids (medi-planners) that come in large and small sizes, also in colors. They are labeled M,T,W,T,F,S,S for the days of the week.

You can set up a weeks worth of medication at a time. The small size could hold 4 pills, the large maybe 6-8.

They also make them for people who need to take meds at different times of day (morning, noon, dinner, bedtime). You would check the day of the week, then start with the morning box and go down as the day went on.

I use one to remember to take my medicine. If the top is open, I've taken it. If the top is closed, I need to take it.

They are very inexpensive
WalMart $2.00-$10.00 I'm sure you could order them from Amazon also.

There are also timers to help remember to take your meds.

Hope this helps.
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