Falsely accused and dealing with APS After 2 1/2 years of working free of charge taken care of two disabled people. Handled all their legal battles selling of a divorce everything asked of me and now I’m being falsely accused. Not only am I extremely hurt but I want to hire an attorney for the slander! Does anyone have any referrals or Has anyone gotten an attorney and how did that turn out or what actions did you take? I’m so upset I can’t even see Straight and I am currently looking for an assisted living facility. The nerve after all I have done for these people! I believe it is moms ( that I care for ) ex husband or My mom, who has dementia and definitely diminished cognitive functions , likes to say Things to get attention for me type stuff that could be portrayed to be something it’s not. I’ve decided I want out I don’t even want to deal with this anymore it’s ridiculous after all the work I put in and everything I’ve done for them to have to answer questions like this! I’d rather a lawyer handle it! Anyone who knows me thinks I am a saint and they could never do so much and give so much like I have still I have to answer questions like this???!!! Any suggestions would be wonderful!

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I think you are wise to bow out.  You were properly investigated and exonerated - however, if someone like sisters or mom's ex-husband would go so far as to accuse you, this is malicious behavior and you would be wise not to play in that sandbox. Life is too short. And assisted living might turn out to be for the best as your mom declines with age.
And the advice to avoid lawsuit/lawyers is wise. Basically it would cost YOU too much.
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Same happened to me twisted sissies called APS and claimed financial exploitation. One of those TS's was POA and KNEW nothing of the sort was occurring. They did not believe that mom was as sick as she was, denial is easier for the narcissist. We went to court, I was not going to leave, I was afraid that would make me appear guilty. Court found in my favor, ordered private guardian and conservator that were charged with auditing mom's accounts and the care I was providing. Everything reported as excellent care and bookkeeping, no exploitation or any other sort of abuse. Twisteds did not believe the reports. Then court ordered I be paid for caring I provided.

I paid my own attorney fees and once I was paid then I quit. Not because of mom, but just plain sick and tired of twisteds and their treatment of me to say nothing of the accusations. I did talk to an attorney about slander and libel. Those cases are very difficult to win, cost a lot to represent, and only occur in large companies that have deep pockets. Look at Budweiser and Coors current libel suit.

Just not worth the stress, effort, time and cost. Sometimes better to be grateful you are leaving with your health intact and peace of mind.
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Speaking both as a lawyer and as a client of a lawyer during seven years of a fraudulent claim against us for damages, stay away from the law if you can. Once you get into it, it’s hard to calm down and find any other option – all those lawyers’ bills to pay for nothing achieved. And for a slander action, you need to prove damages. There aren’t any damages if everyone you know still thinks that you are a saint! You would be better off walking away and mending your own heart. It’s hard, but at least stop for a while before you make things worse. A one-off 'frightener' letter from a lawyer may be worth the money, but a full legal case will keep the hurt fresh for years.
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NYDaughterInLaw Mar 31, 2019
I could not agree more!!!
Has APS spoken to you yet? Have they spoken to Mom or her ex? You maybe getting a little ahead of yourself. I would first allow them to do their investigation. The claims might be unfounded. If they find there is a problem, they will have to find a way to solve the problem with you out of the picture. Not sure if you can find out who filed the accusations. Lets say you are found in the right. You can voice that you strongly believe its who you think brought the accusations and that you will no longer do for them so APS will have to find services for them because you are walking away. They may not be able to tell you who but they can tell you who not.

If claims are unfounded you can hire a lawyer to bring charges against the person who filed the claim. Definitely if APS says your in the wrong, a lawyer should be able to get the info who put the claim in and have the ruling changed. But it will probably cost u.
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Heartbroken55 Mar 31, 2019
Thank you. I’m looking for an assisted living for my mom ASAP - like tomorrow. This job is 24-7 and hard enough as it is! Then you have to deal with this kind of stuff on top of it! It’s too much! I quit.

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