I need to know we will be ok?

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Jewels, I just read your profile which says that you are dealing with violent physical behavior from your husband with late stage dementia.

And that you are very stubborn and not prone to take advice.

Please be safe and call 911 if your husband poses a threat to you. There are medications which can help with these dangerous behaviors. Please understand that being violent is not good for him either!
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The product you want is called "guaranteed life insurance." Shop around, do your sums, do not rush into buying a policy. Do NOT buy from any sales rep who contacts you, instead of your contacting them. There are an awful lot of clever con artists out there. Do not agree to any policy without taking the time to think about it, and to compare it with other policies.

The "guaranteed" in this instance means that your acceptance is guaranteed: you cannot be refused cover for medical reasons, including dementia. But the downside, obviously, although I haven't actually added up, is that this kind of insurance is likely to be very expensive and/or to be very limited in what it will pay out.

When you say you need to know that you will be okay, what do you mean by okay? What kind of financial security are you hoping for, exactly?
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Do you mean you want to buy life insurance for your husband with dementia?

Or are you asking if you can gain access to a cash payout before he dies? Often, you can get what are called viatecal benefits from a cash value insurance product if the insured only has 6 months to a year to live.
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Countrymouse Apr 2019
I was extremely surprised to see how many products there are that will indeed cover people with dementia, up to age 85 seems to be the norm.

But I will be completely pole-axed if they are worth the money they cost.
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