No one is by the door, so anyone can come in and not sign in, especially on the weekends. I worry for safety.

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Every Independent Living, Rehab, Assisted living, NH, home, and hospice facility I have ever been in (In NY) has had a 24/7 “Receptionist” and a sign in sheet. Even her IL was locked at night and you’d buzz to talk to the receptionist to get entry. Moms NH has a security guy in a uniform and it isn’t a memory care facility. I like being able to check the log to see when her caregivers I hire get there. Maybe the security varies by state or management.
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Nope. Only in a secure facility (like memory care or a psych ward) will there be this type of controlled environment.
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No, not in the AL that I have visited loved ones at. Not even at a nursing home I have visited. No one is at the door, you are correct. Obvious no one is required to be at the door.
There may be some facilities (with Memory Care on premises), that require signing in, but I do not know.

I think someone on staff can be found at all times in AL, more difficult after hours.

If you are worried about safety, people coming in....the facility (AL) is locked to visitors at night.

Pick a safe facility. You are very wise to notice the absence of safety.
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