There is also an advanced directive in place. One of my cousins was acting as a P.O.A. and a live in caregiver to my grandfather. She claims that he gave her the house when it's always been entrusted to my disabled uncle. Now they were both taken out of their home and placed with a family member that also has taken out a mortgage underneath his nose in the past. I just feel it's all disgusting and wrong is there any legal action that can be taken?

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You file to become guardian for both the grandfather and your uncle.

If someone did mortgage fraud, a good attorney can get whatever documents needed to show that and why that person should not be a POA or named guardian. Mortgage and property ownership have long lasting paper trails filed at a courthouse.

“Entrusted” for disabled uncle, what exactly do you mean by that?
Entrusted how? Entrusted to inherit?
Entrusted to manage the property and it’s upkeep?
Someone can be disabled but still able to manage their affairs. I had a cousin with polio who was disabled but totally competent & cognitive. His issues were physical. So for your uncle is he going along with what the new POA is doing? Or is he a vulnerable disabled adult?
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Bear with me while I check I've understood.

Here is a house.
In the house live your grandfather and your disabled uncle.
Your grandfather and uncle have always allowed it to be assumed that your uncle will eventually become the house's owner.
Your cousin moves in to the house to be your grandfather's full-time caregiver.
Your grandfather also gives this cousin Power of Attorney.
Next thing you know, your grandfather and your uncle are removed from their home and placed in the home of another family member. Do you have any real or immediate concerns for their welfare? What are their respective care needs?
Your cousin is claiming that your grandfather has given her the house. Is she still living in it, then?

Unless taking out a mortgage has anything to do with what you think might be going on here, let's forget about that for the time being.

So, essentially, you're not sure what's going on but you think it all stinks to high heaven of rat?

What does your parent think? Is he or she involved in your grandfather's care at all?
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