I am researching how I could be paid for caring for my mother? From what I am reading, it seems to say that mom would have to be on Medicaid. That cuts me out. My mom has Medicare and Humana Gold Plus supplement insurance.

I am not sure I am understanding the article. Is there an organization that I could call to get information. Please tell me what you know about this situation. Thanks.

She has lived with us for 14 years without paying anything except for her personal items, such as Poise pads, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, her meds, etc. We buy groceries, utility bills, cable, etc. It all adds up over the years having an additional person in our home.

Thanks for any info or experiences that you are able to share with me.

I wasn’t sure what category to place this question in.

In GA, from what we were told, if a person qualifies for a medicaid waiver to receive in home care, the STATE hires someone/agency to come in & provide care for *up to & maybe* 6 hours a day. You can not be the caregiver yourself or even just hire someone you know.
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worriedinCali May 17, 2019
In the OPs state, a family member can be the caregiver through the waiver program.
If your mother can afford to pay you, you can have a caregiver contract drawn up & she can pay your herself. But if she cannot afford to pay you and you are wanting the state to pay you then yes, she must be on Medicaid. Medicaid is income based. Home care is income and needs based. Having Medicare and Humana does not make her ineligible for Medicaid.

Call your local area on aging. They will know what state and local programs there are. It looks like Louisiana medicaid uses a waiver for home care and there is a waitlist for it. So again, contact the area on aging. There may be other programs outside of Medicaid.
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NeedHelpWithMom May 17, 2019
Thanks Cali,

Answers my question. She gets little social security and isn’t going to agree to paying me herself. I wouldn’t take it directly from her. Oh well, looks like we will tough it out for the time being.

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