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I would say yes. Check with your housing authority. But there are ways to help the handicaped be safe without spending tons of money. Medicare and some insurances will pay for a commode. If bathroom is big enough, you can use the commode over the toilet. You unscrew the back bar off. Position the commode over the toilet. If new, you should have a bucket and a splash guard. The splash guard will fit where the bucket will go. Legs can be adjusted for height, just make sure splash guard is down in the toilet bowl. The arms will help with getting up and the legs will give the person stability. I don't recommend hi-risers without the ability to screw into the toilet. The elderly don't feel secure.
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My husband no longer rents any apartments or cottages that he owns because-he was having to make “reasonable” accommodation for disabled persons including raised toilets, toilet grab bars, shower grab bars. Under protest, but with a court order to comply, he did over $7000.00 in improvements for a handicapped tenant. Six months later the tenant moved out and left him with damages totaling over $8000.00 including damages made by a service dog. He got to keep a $650.00 deposit. Went to court and tenant claimed insolvency and no award was made for the damages. At that point my husband said I’m done. Since that time some parts of the landlord tenant laws in our home state have been changed to provide coverage to the landlords. All of the handicapped stuff is provided in federally subsidized housing.
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