This is confusing. Please read carefully. My mother is in a long term skilled nursing facility and wants to transfer to another one. Everything was all set to go, until the business office from where she is called the new nursing home and told them that my mother had a balance from a previous LTC where my mom was 2 yrs. ago. I feel she had no right to give this information to the new nursing home. The nursing home now will not let my mother transfer there, the one she wants to go to.This is very heartbreaking to my mom and myself. Was it the right for this office person to give the nursing home information about a completely different facility? Thank you for any and advice and suggestions!

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Go to HHS.Gov and look this up. There is a specific paragraph that specifies what "is protected". Of course we all know that Health Care info is protected, but the fact is that there are three things protected and one of those apparently, according to the web site, in financial information as to present and past payment. I would take these rules to a Lawyer if you have proof in writing that personal financial history was divulged. Honestly these things are way off our pay grade to guess at, and the rules define all care facilities differently. That is to say that an Assisted Living has different rules than a Nursing Home or a SNF. I do think that a facility might be free to state what their OWN experience is. But seems odd they would divulge a history going back. As Shad said, and he is absolutely correct, the facilities are a business and will try to get the best patients at the highest cost. In any way they legally can. Legally is the question here and I would ask a Lawyer, especially if you have proof of harm, that is to say proof that your Mom would have had a place in this facility had this information not been divulged. That means "get it in writing", and you might find them hesitant to do that. Without it being in writing it essentially didn't happen. Everyone can say "Oh, her daughter misunderstood; we never said that".
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It can be, It could be looked on as sort of a credit check, credit card companies, do. to make sure the new NH will have any issues getting paid. The new nursing home probably asked if there was an outstanding balance as well as health conditions and how she did at the present one. Both places are doing what is best for them
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