Over the past five years my father has given me $60,000 for taking care of him. He has late stage Parkinson's and has reached a point where he needs a live-in caregiver. I want to help him pay for this, so I have decided to give him his money back. My concern is what happens if dad runs out of money and has to apply for Medicaid assistance in order to get in to a nursing home. I am aware of the five year look back rule and how it relates to Medicaid eligibility. So how could I prove to Medicaid that I gave dad his money back? I don’t want to give back his $60,000 now and then later on be on the the hook for $60,000 more of my own money.

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The best thing is to go to an Elder lawyer and ask his advice -I would think that putting money into his account so it shows all the money was returned but the lawyer would be able to tell you what the truth is there are many myths out there-probably the worse that would happen he would be self pay at the beginning of a NH stay-also the social worker at the NH you choose would know att the rules-they deal with this all the time-remember you used this money to care for him not to line your pockets-and to care for him at home was a great thing to do for him. When you choose a NH tour all the ones closest to where you live so you can go in often and the staff will get to know who you are and that you want to work with them in making his stay a good thing.
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