My father is 76 and has a 5.1 arotic annysurm and PAD. What are his chances on a repair to his aorta? No doctors will say, they keep telling me he is ticking time bomb. It is killing him and me because I also take care of my father-in law who is the last stages of Alzheimer's and I am getting wore out. Does any one have an answer?

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His chance of surviving the surgery, do you mean?

You can look up the mortality rate for aortic aneurysm surgery by hospital, I believe, but each surgeon has her/His own survival rate.

The anesthesia for this surgery is brutal and often uncovers previously undiagnosed dementia.
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I'm so sorry you are in this position. I question your ability to make good decisions for your father with the responsibility of your FIL as well. IMHO you are already too tired.
I don't have experience with aortic aneurysm  or PAD but I know about being pulled in various directions with vulnerable loved ones. Your fathers situation sounds like immediate action is required.
Do either of them live with you? Do you have POA for either? Do you have other help?
Give us a bit more information so we can help you sort this out.
Whether your father has this surgery or not, big changes are headed your way.
If there is no one to take FIL can you put him in respite care while you deal with your fathers care?
If you trust your fathers doctor it sounds to me like he's saying your father has to have this surgery. If you don't trust the doctor, get a second opinion now.
Doctors don't give guarantees. They can probably tell you what has happened in their experience with and without the surgery. Does your father have other health issues? Is he competent? What does he want to do?
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