My mother was placed on aricept (lowest dose) and had terrible side effects. I kept her on it for 2 weeks just to give it a chance, but finally stopped it. The dr. now wants to try Exelon patch, I want to try it especially if it will help her, yet I am very nervous about it. I would appreciate any input about experiences with this med.

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You are right to be a little nervous. But the only way to determine if a drug will help is to try it. Each brain is absolutely unique. What works for one has no effect on another and makes things worse for someone else.

If her doctor thinks this is a good things to try next, I'd go with it. Ask what side effects you should be on the lookout for, and ask if there are some temporary side effects that might go away if you stick with it. Also ask how you will know if it is working. What improvements should you notice and how long does that usually take? Go into it informed, and work with the doctor regarding monitoring the results.

Drugs can be extremely helpful in managing the symptoms of some kinds of dementia. They don't always work for everyone, and that can be very disappointing. It my book, it is worth trying.

Best wishes to you and to your mother. Please come back and tell us how this is working out for you.
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go up to the Search Site box and type in Aricept. You will get lots of info.
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