I had to have a doctor because I am a diabetic, RLS, Goiter, Barrett's Esophagus, Hiatal Hernia, Back pain, 4 stents in my heart, etc, but I cannot find a doctor in my town that will take medicare and medicaid. And I need one here in my town. Most of the time I end up in the Emergency Room because I don't have a doctor here in this town. How can I get a doctor to take me on when the doctors don't want to take medicare and medicaid. It is almost like a bad name when you mention that you have medicare and medicaid. If doctors don't take medicare and medicaid what are we seniors suppose to do?

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That's a tough situation. Have you talked to your Medicaid Case worker? Have the doctor's told you why they can't accept you? Are you sure it's not due to your multiple health issues?

Are you able to relocate to a town near a teaching hospital? NC has many facilities near Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill if you can relocate. Duke, UNC, Wake Med, and many other facilities and from what I have seen, they all accept Medicare and Medicaid.
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Have you tried going to an Urgent Care or Patient's First type of clinc? Shorter wait time than going to the ER, and they usually take Medicare.
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