As reading through the questions/discussions over the years I notice there are just too many people who do not understand what happens to caregivers when they are either hands-on, logistical, or both.

Since people watch a lot of TV, I wish more drama shows would bring into the cast a character who needs caregiving.

Recently on the newer TV show 9-1-1, the Dispatcher last year had a Mom [played by Mariette Hartley] had serious dementia. One show had the Mom lost in L.A. Sadly that character passed on after the first season. Oh if only that was a repeating story line.

On the Soap Opera "The Young & the Restless" the elderly Mom of the Abbott's grown children has dementia. Every now and then the show will have a short story line regarding the confusion that she has. She also got lost while on vacation. And she thinks the grown women are the household help not realizing the women are her daughters. But it seems that character isn't on much any more.

I realize that PBS and some of the cable stations will have a short series regarding this topic, but I think more people would watch if the shows are in the regular network channels during prime-time.

I want to say yes, but I'm afraid any TV show would go the way of most of the caregiving memoirs that are out there. And the TV ads for dementia meds and home care companies. Only showing the loving families where everybody steps up and works together and the elderly person is a blessing to all around them. Like Marvin's Room, for example. I don't think anybody wants to see, or show, a life of ongoing anger, stress, frustration, and bitterness. Or squabbling siblings tossing around the hot potato and blaming each other for not doing enough. It's complicated, it's depressing, and I think it would be way too controversial.
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Just thinking about Dr. Phil as he has a huge viewing audience. Wish he would do some shows about caregiving.

I will need to check is website and see if there is any place where one can suggest subject matters for future shows. He does seem to repeat over and over again certain subjects, so why not about dementia or elderly care.

He has had numerous shows about "catfishing" where a senior thinks they are getting love letters from overseas, and the person they were writing needs money which the elder sends, but it is all a sham.
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Yes, I agree! The movie The Notebook did a good job of dealing with Alzheimer's/advanced dementia, but the main story was the love story between the two main characters.

I too think that if caregiving and issues that caregivers deal with were incorporated into the plots of some of the mainstream shows, it would help raise a lot more awareness.
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Agree. It’s not getting enough attention. I do watch some day time shows. Dr Oz had a show recently about dementia. Not caregiving. At least a start.
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